Council Members

Karen Blake, Chair
North Woodstock, NH

Katherine Epstein, Vice-Chair
Dover, NH

Jennifer Bertrand
Mont Vernon, NH

Deodonne P. Bhattarai

Concord, NH

Lynne Clay

Disability Rights Center

Concord, NH

Denise Colby
Belmont, NH

Jeffrey Dickinson
Franklin, NH

John Fenley
Lebanon, NH

Kenda Howell

Private Provider Network

Residential Resources
Keene, NH

Kristen McGraw

New Boston, NH

Lori Noordergraaf, M.Ed.

NH Dept. of Education

Special Education

Concord, NH

James Piet
NH Dept. of Education
Adult Learning & Rehab (VR)
Concord, NH

Jennifer Pineo

NH Family Voices
Concord, NH

Todd Ringelstein


Bureau of Developmental Services

Concord, NH

Michelle Schladenhauffen
Portsmouth, NH

Mary Schuh
UNH Inst. on Disability (IOD)
Concord, NH

Tracy Walbridge
Rochester, NH

Nate Webb

Concord, NH

Elizabeth Webster
Manchester, NH

Peter Fleming
Manchester, NH

Denis Greenwood
Concord, NH


Council Staff

Isadora Rodriguez-Legendre, MSW
Executive Director
Phone: 603-271-1157

David Ouellette
Project Director
Phone: 603-271-7040

Chris Rueggeberg
Policy Director
Phone: 603-271-2336

Mary Lawson
Senior Accountant
Phone: 603-271-7039

Miles Trier
Office Assistant
Phone: 603-271-7047

Sam Gage

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 603-271-7038


Thaika Joseph
Outreach VISTA
Phone: 603-271-7046