We are pleased to announce a new objective in the Council's Five Year Plan (2016-2021).

Under Goal 3. Personal Choice: Promote and improve self-determination activities for people with developmental disabilities to lead meaningful lives through an increased level of personal choice and greater control over their lives including access to: 1) medical, dental and behavioral support and services 2) in home and community service delivery.

There will be a new 3rd objective under this goal and will read as follows:

Objective 3. The Council will collaborate with key partners to promote and strengthen best and emerging practices related to supports for individuals who experience developmental disabilities with co-occurring mental health/behavioral needs.

The related activity will read as follows: The Council will partner with agencies, facilities, and other direct support providers to provide information, support and training on best and emerging practices related to the needs of individuals with co-occurring I/DD and mental health needs.

Let us know what you think by providing feedback at: NHCDD.Director@ddc.nh.gov



Welcome to the NH Council on Developmental Disabilities

The New Hampshire Council on Developmental Disabilities is a federally funded agency that supports public policies and initiatives that remove barriers and promote opportunities in all areas of life. The Council is independent of the agencies that provide services to people with disabilities. The Council develops a State Plan every five years to establish specific goals, objectives and strategies to address the most important issues affecting people with developmental disabilities in New Hampshire. The Council carries out its mission through education, advocacy and the funding of innovative projects that make a difference in people's lives.




*** DSP Conference Update*** - Please note that the 2018 DSP conference has dbeen postponed to June 14th 2019. It will be a one-day conference in Nashua. The committee needed the additional time to plan for the conference and secure sponsorships. More information to follow...


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